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  • Admission & Ticket Pricing
    How do I purchase my skating tickets? See Ticket info. Tickets are available online on a first-come / first-serve basis. Pricing varies depending on weekdays (Mon. - Thurs.) vs weekends (Fri. - Sun.) or holidays. No refunds or exchanges are allowed. Skaters leaving the venue temporarily should leave skates at the rental counter. Non-skaters do not need to pay for admission. What do I do if I need to reschedule my ice skating reservation? To reschedule your skating reservation, go to the email where you received the waiver and click on the link. This will take you to your Reservation Management page. Log in and click on "Info & Help", then click "Reschedule Reservation". Here you can select your new desired reservation date and time. Rescheduling is subject to ticket availability. Missed reservations cannot be rescheduled or refunded after the original reservation time. Can I purchase my tickets at the rink? Tickets may be purchased at the rink, but quantities may be limited. Those who attempt to purchase a ticket in person will be shown a QR code to purchase tickets on their smartphones; if the present time is fully-booked, the guest will be shown other available times to skate. If you are unable to purchase your tickets on a smart device, you may still purchase your tickets on-site via traditional cash or card transaction. To guarantee admissions, we highly recommend purchasing your tickets online ahead of time. Does the Ice Rink take reservations? Yes. Reservations can be made online for the 2023-2024 season. How long is a ticket valid for? Your reservation is only valid for the date(s) purchased, beginning at the time of arrival you selected. Tickets are for 75 minutes of skating time, which begins at the time of check-in. This does not include time for ice cleaning or waiting for skate rentals, visit is for 75 minutes of on-ice skating time. Can I use my ticket on a different day? Yes, ticket holders have the option to reschedule their reservation via their Reservation Management page. Do I need to buy a ticket if I'm not skating? No. Tickets are only required for those who want to skate on the ice. If you are only spectating, you do not need to make a reservation. What is "Skate at my own risk?" By purchasing your ice skate admission, you are aware that ice skating involves certain inherent risks which may cause serious injury. You freely volunteer to participate and accept all known and unknown risks while in the ice rink facility. Further, you release the ice rink, its sponsors, its operators, and its equipment suppliers against any claims and all liability for any loss, damage, injury, or expense you may incur. No refunds. No exchanges. Waiver- accepted digitally at checkout Are wheelchairs allowed on the ice? All skaters are welcome, including those in a wheelchair. It is highly recommended that they come during non-peak times, so the ice isn't so crowded, closer to opening time is suggested.
  • Directions & Hours
    Where is the Bellevue Downtown Ice Rink located? The Ice Rink is located at the Bellevue Downtown Park. There is free 3-hour parking near the rink. See Directions & Parking. For mapping purposes, the nearest address to utilize is for the adjacent Inspiration Playground, 100 100th Ave NE, Bellevue 98004. When is the Ice Rink open? Hours vary. See Public Hours. Tickets may be purchased online (strongly encouraged) or in person (if available). What are your busiest and least crowded times? Friday and Saturday evenings are the busiest. To avoid large crowds, we recommend you visit on weekdays or as close to the opening time as possible. The 6 - 9 pm time slot is the busiest part of the day.
  • Skate Rentals
    What are the rental sizes available? Children sizes range from toddler 8 to adult 15 (no half sizes). Socks must be worn when wearing rental skates. No shoes are allowed on the ice. Can I bring my own skates? Yes; though rental skates are included in the admission prices, personal skates will not be discounted. We do not offer sharpening services for personal skates. No strollers are allowed on the ice.
  • During Your Visit
    Is there food or drinks at the Ice Rink? Yes. A concession stand is open all season offering many options including hot cocoa, cappuccino, cookies, cotton candy, kettle corn, Dippin' Dots, chips, candy, soda, and bottled water. No outside food or beverages are allowed on the premises. (Specialty items like birthday cakes are allowed). What special events are happening at the rink this year? See Special Events for a list of fun happenings at the rink. This includes free skating lessons on specific dates, courtesy of Microsoft (skate admission not included), and ice skating classes taught by skating coach Danielle Rochlin! Will I be used for any multimedia use? Participant permits the Bellevue Downtown Ice Rink and Ice Rink Events to use any photographs, videotapes, recordings or any other records taken while on the ice skating rink premises for publicity, advertising, or any other legitimate purpose. Are there restrooms at the Ice Rink? There are no restrooms inside the ice rink. Portable restrooms will be located on the plaza near the facility entrance. Skates must be removed when leaving the facility. Does the ice rink sell mittens, socks and skates? Yes, the ice rink sells mittens and socks for $4 each. Skates are not available for sale at the ice rink but are available for purchase at local ice arenas in the area such as Sno-King Ice Arena in Renton(425-254-8750), Olympic View Arena in Mountlake Terrace(425-672-9012) and Play It Again Sports in Lynnwood(425-670-1184). Can my child wear a helmet? Just as you make the decision to bring a jacket or gloves, the decision to wear a helmet should be made prior to arriving at the rink venue. We do not rent or make helmets available. Are there skate guides or walkers for kids? Yes. The venue has a limited amount of skate guides available for those learning to skate. First come, first served. Regular footwear is not allowed on the ice. Is there a lost and found? Yes. You can visit the lost & found during public hours only. No phone calls, please. ​ Are there lockers on-site? Yes. Lockers and locks are available for purchase ($3) on-site. Open storage receptacles are also available to store items. It is your responsibility to look after your personal belongings.
  • Venue Information
    Is the Ice Rink open in all weather? The Ice Rink is open rain or shine. A tent covers the rink surface for rain/snow, but we recommend you dress warmly since it is open-air. The rink may close if there are high winds or other weather-related issues. How big is the Ice Rink? The rink is approximately 9,048 square feet, 58 feet wide by 156 feet long. How is the ice rink made? The ice rink is made with real, frozen water ice. Where can I skate after the Ice Rink closes for the season? The Bellevue Downtown Ice Rink presented by Symetra is a temporary/seasonal venue that re-opens every year for the holiday season. Visit local ice arenas such as Sno-King Ice Arena in Renton(425-254-8750) and Sno-King Ice Arena in Kirkland(425-821-7133) throughout the year.
  • Contact Information
    Who can I contact about the Ice Rink? Bellevue Downtown Association For general comments, questions, sponsorship, and media opportunities, please send an email to Mike Ogliore at or voicemail at (425) 453-3110 (email preferred for quicker response). Messages are checked regularly. We will get back to you as soon as we can.
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